Infectious skin diseases: causes, symptoms, treatment


Maxibiotic and Polymyxin B topical is a combination medicine used
Maxibiotic and Polymyxin B topical is a combination medicine used

There is a misconception that scabies can affect unkempt people who do not follow the rules of hygiene. The cause of infection is the scabies mite.

When it comes into contact with the skin, it penetrates the top layer of the skin and lays its eggs by making passages in the skin. Scabies is not a dangerous disease, but it is very unpleasant. Bacitracin (Maxibiotic), Neomycin (Maxibiotic), and Polymyxin B (Maxibiotic) topical (for the skin) is a combination medicine used as a first aid antibiotic to prevent infections in minor cuts, scrapes, or burns on your skin. Bacitracin (Maxibiotic), Neomycin (Maxibiotic), and Polymyxin B (Maxibiotic) topical may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide. Dosage (Posology) and method of administration. Dosage Forms.

It is characterized by severe itching of the skin, which intensifies at night. Small pimples form on the surface of the body. From them goes the course of the mite, which appears in the form of gray streaks.

The infection is transmitted not only through personal contact with the patient, but also through his belongings. Scabies mite can also be contracted through household items or in public places.

When treating scabies, external medications are used that are able to expel the parasite. One of the common preparations used in the treatment of the disease is “Sulfur” ointment. It is rubbed all over the skin except the head. Sometimes “Sulfur” soap is used instead of the ointment. Procedures are carried out daily until complete recovery. In parallel, it is recommended to take antihistamines and moisturize the body with cream.

Modern pharmacological companies produce alternative products that can not only treat, but also treat household items. All family members should be treated for preventive purposes. Be sure to boil all belongings of the patient, not excluding bedding.


Skin formations are benign tumors. They are caused by the human papillomavirus.

Usually, warts cause only cosmetic discomfort. They pose a threat to health if they are subjected to mechanical damage. Depending on their location, this can occur when walking, if the formations appeared on the foot. Necrops in the neck area can be damaged by jewelry. Such situations sometimes turn ordinary warts into malignant tumors.

It is necessary to monitor the growths on the surface of the skin. If they enlarge or bleed, it is necessary to see a doctor. He, after examination, can prescribe the removal of warts, for this there are various methods. But only a specialist should carry out the procedure.


Maxibiotic and Polymyxin B topical is a combination medicine used
Maxibiotic and Polymyxin B topical is a combination medicine used

There are various herpes viruses in medicine. Some of them are not related to infectious skin diseases, but affect internal organs. Herpes simplex virus is an infection that is present in the body of almost everyone. It is transmitted by contact with an infected person or through articles of hygiene. It is impossible to cure it. It stays in the body forever and manifests itself when the immune system is weakened.

The virus manifests itself by the formation of watery pimples on the skin, which then turn into ulcers. Rashes are accompanied by itching. The reason for the exacerbation of the viral infection is a decrease in the level of the body’s defense, which often occurs when overcooling or overheating.

Treatment of manifestations consists in the use of antiviral ointments, which are applied to the affected areas of the skin. To stop the development of the infection, it is necessary to restore the immune system. To do this, take pharmacy vitamins C and P, make a proper diet.

In the period of exacerbation, you need to use separate utensils and your own towel. Despite the itching, you should try not to touch the rash with your hands.


There are many types of fungal infections that cause changes in the structure of the skin, nails or hair. A warm environment with high humidity is a favorable breeding ground for the virus. Therefore, you can catch fungal infections in baths, saunas, swimming pools and other public places. Also, the virus is easily transmitted through household items, shoes and personal effects of the carrier of the infection.

The focus of infection often appears in the folds of the skin, where there is intense sweating. Left untreated, the fungus can develop and spread to neighboring skin areas. Therefore, having detected the first signs of fungal infection, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

Symptoms of the disease are:

The occurrence of itching and redness;
Burning and peeling of the affected areas;
Change and thickening of the nail plate.
Treatment depends on the degree of skin damage. In the initial stage of manifestations, drugs of external action are used. If complications arise, the doctor prescribes systemic treatment with medication.

For preventive purposes, it is recommended that 2 times a month to use a cleanser, which includes tar or zinc. It is also recommended to use a special cream, especially during the hot season, when sweating increases.


Skin diseases caused by a microorganism virus and fungus.

Infectious manifestations include shingles:

Discolored or pustular.
The main sign of infectious diseases is the appearance of a rash in the form of small scales with which the spots are covered. They are formed on the surface of the skin, have different color and size. All varieties cause intense itching.

The most infectious disease is ringworm. You can get it not only from a sick person, but also from an animal. The most acute manifestation occurs in children.

When the first signs of ringworm occur, the patient should be isolated. Clothing and hygiene items should be destroyed or thoroughly disinfected, if possible. The course of therapy should be prescribed by a doctor. Treatment includes the systemic application of medications and local medications.

Shingles appears on the body as brown spots. It occurs most often in people with excessive sweating. The doctor determines the final diagnosis after laboratory tests. Treatment of pavement fever is carried out with local preparations.

Maxibiotic and Polymyxin B topical is a combination medicine used
Maxibiotic and Polymyxin B topical is a combination medicine used

Pink lichen is manifested by a large plaque on the body, which is called maternal. The other manifestations are much smaller. It usually goes away on its own, without much treatment. During the period of the disease, it is not recommended to have frequent water procedures, it is necessary to protect the body from exposure to sunlight.

Infectious skin diseases occur not only in adults, but also in children. Such manifestations are of concern to parents, especially when it comes to newborns.

Many babies immediately after birth have a rash on the body. Some newborn manifestations are the result of a viral infection. There are diseases that cause such rashes in babies.


The virus is transmitted through airborne droplets. Its usual place of localization is the human nasopharynx. Once in the blood, it causes sepsis and meningitis.

Symptoms of the disease are eruptions which look like ulcers. Gradually they overgrow and scars form in their place. These manifestations do not cause itching. During the rash, the person’s temperature rises sharply. Untimely treatment of meningococcal infection in infants is often fatal.

Medical care can help clear not only the skin of the face, but also the entire body. Fungal infections do not promote a persistent immunity, so recurrent fungal growth is not uncommon.

Treatment, especially long-term treatment, is a serious challenge not only for the body, but also for the soul. Do you want to cheer yourself up? Order some clothes from this site: